CBD Marijuana

Whats up everyone,

so I just bought some CBD marijuana for the first time, and I am officially in love with this new product. I asked the workers over the counter, "What exactly is this product.. is it marijuana, or something similar to weed like K-2 or anything?" She replied that CBD marijuana is actually the real thing. In fact, she stated that CBD marijuana, is MARAJUANA, but most of the thc is taken out of it, or at least, attempted to do so. 

I then ask myself, "how can thc be taken out of marijuana?" It was the most obsurd thought ever but in retrospective, was probably the most intelligent response towards the theory of one perhaps, actually being to take out the thc of marijuana. Conspiracy? Whatever it is, it is most definitely fine with me! (lol) 

I then pay $40 over at the tobacco shop for a CBD marijuana product titled, "Honolulu Haze" and what did I discover? The perfect hiy! I paid $40 for 7 grams worth of this product and come to find out, it is the real deal! In fact, years ago, I use to smoke an exact batch of this particular marijuana and it was titled, "Haze" then and it was, as it is now, still illegal to smoke or sell but my question is, if this new CBD marijuana is infact the haze labeled marijuana that I've been smoking for years, prior to CBD ever being sold at stores.. is the infamous, labeled, "haze" marijuana, that is particularly sold on the streets, illegally, FINALLY legalized by our government?  

My answer to that is, Yes! and guess what? It actually has the name, titled as "Haze" printed on the bottle for distribution! That is a huge excitement for me. I am pretty stoked about that and I'm even more excited to say that it is actually now legal to drive and smoke it, at the same time, as well!  

I just wanted to keep you guys up to date on this whole new CBD marijuana thing. It is the real thing! I encourage you all to buy it and smoke legally, but also it is the safer way to get hiy! After all, Ive been smoking marijuana for over 15 years and I am an expert.  


- Corleone

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