My Thoughts on COVID-19 (Corona Virus)

(*as posted a few weeks back via community forum*)


Whats up everyone,


A new tragedy happening today, concerning the new virus spreading throughout the world titled, "Corona Virus". My sympathies to those infected and my condolences to those who have passed away due to infection. I've noticed a decree of tragic incidents that have uproared throughout society due to the virus spreading, as it is not getting any better for neither of us throughout the world. 

I've noticed some things transpiring within our government as well that I simply just do not agree with. Due to infection, the government has decided to shut down operations on all non essential busineses throughout the world. This action has left families throughout the U.S unemployed by law but yet, are leaving these exact families' the worries (and perhaps, duties) of still having to pay their home mortgage, rent, and else utility bills. 

As it seems to unravel, per say, no law has been passed to adhere to nor to fix this matter; Judging on the actions that have taken place these past days to weeks. What is to happen? Will our government collapse on the premise of leaving others unemployed by law but also, the burdens of still having to pay their home mortgages and else utility bills with no income? Where will these families go? What if these families refuse to leave their homes? Will they be arrested? Will they be attacked? How can Americans and else people throughout the world survive? 

Recently, I've personally dealt with else individuals who have been given letters from else governed offices, that permit them to drive to work; as many people are on the verge of having their driving privileges restricted, as well, due to the corona virus spreading. Obviously, as recently stated, driving permissions are only granted to those who are employed by essential busineses and corporations. These are the new laws being passed around my area as mentioned. 

Is this a matter of a new world order, or has infection had its way with corroding the minds of our governed leaders to make these biased decisions on potentially threatening people throughout the world to be removed from their homes? I remain startled as shades of my knowledge of reading the Bible upon how both disease and famine take over the world at a projected course of time. Are these course of events meaningful to anything in relation to those prophecies? 

In 1970, Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, had written a document titled as, "The National Security Memorandum 200", also abbreviated for, "NSM 200". Henry Kissinger had then proclaimed in this document to had witnessed both the, "H.I.V" and "A.I.D.S" virus being created in secret government laboratories, hosted by government officials and scientist. He also had claimed that the virus itself was deliberately created to be a, "biochemical weapon of warfare", intended to kill innocent people throughout the world to control the population from over flooding. Is the new and deadly virus that is spreading today, titled as the "Corona Virus", a deadly chemical created by our government to maintain our planets capacity? How exactly did this virus come about? 

I only hope that we continue to grow as a nation, a world, and as people to see to it that we survive as we cease infection. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. 



Thanks for reading, 



- Corleone

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