What's going on my G's,

Alot of things going on with the generations to come. Spectacular. I couldnt of have wanted anything other to unfold than what is predestined to happened. God is good. Thus, being said, I wanted to invite you all the Official Wu-Tang Clan message board where all of my Wu heads [such as yourself.. lol] could nest at. 

Visit the link here :

I essentially created this message board months back and although, we have some light traffic going on already, I essentially…

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Today I’d like to address a few issues. Issues that highly concern myself in my character to help not only myself in justifying my rule but to address the mentally distraught, as well. I for one, am an advocate of mental health. Therefore, it is in my rhetorical to address issues such as. There is a rumor going around that the Wu-Tang Clan was created and formed by whom most of us know by the name of RZA. RZA did not create nor form the Wu-Tang Clan, I must tell you. Infact, it is I of whom had…

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"A Tale Of a Snail" (New Book Coming Out Soon) #Scholastic  

Whats up everyone, 

Corleone, here. Some really cool news on a new book that I'm still in the process of writing. It's called, "A Tale Of a Snail". The book is inspired on both winning and losing, mixed with a bit of my sense of humor and [obviously] writing skills, as well, lol. It's a very insight book and trust me, when you actually read the book for the first time, you wont regret it and rest assure, you will enjoy every moment you spent reading it. Below is a piece of my latest novel and I hope you…

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Whats up ya'll,


I've just received news that I am now awarded the title as "Best Artist" over at Atlantic Records. It's exciting to me because they're are so many talented artists over at Atlantic Records/Inide Music Group that all deserve a chance or atleast the opportunity in achieving this title, its flattering. I just wanted to thank all the curators over at Atlantic Records/Indie Music Group for voting for me. All the fans. Let's continue on My legacy!




- Cor

In Stores Soon 

What's up ya'll,


Some cool news. In about 2 weeks or so, my latest album titled "Beats Vol. 1" will be in stores. I'll be posting the list of stores where it will be available for sale at. Love, peace, and hair grease.

List of stores : 7Digital, Amazon, Anghami, Apple Music, Audible Magic - Rights360, AWA, Bmat, Boomplay, Deezer, Dreamus Company (FLO), fizy, Genie Music, Gracenote, Hungama, iHeartRadio, iMusica, Jaxsta Music, JioSaavn, Joox, KkBox, Kuack Media, LINE Music, Mixcloud, MoodAgent, Music in…

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"Best New Artist" @ Atlantic Records 

Whats up,


I cut a management deal with a sub-label to Atlantic Records about a year or so ago called, "Indie Music Group". Atlantic Records held a an awards show for "Best New Artist" a few months back with over 680 artists under they're label. I was ranked #2 at this awards show for "Best New Artist".

The awards show happens to still be up and running so hopefully I can win, lol. The winner get's a $350,000,00 advance and a dope looking trophy. 


Wish Me luck!


- Cor

Hip-Hop Central.. 

Whats up everyone,


Some new things underway, as in ventures of my own that I would love to share with you all. Im running a new blog + forum titled, "Hip-Hop Central". HHC is an old website that I had created years ago around 1994, as initially ran as a forum on in its early days. Ive always wanted to re-launch the site as a page for hip-hop heads to download mixtapes and music at but as for now, it will be ran as a simple blog until the entire infrastructure of HHC is finished being designed.

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My beat "Cartel" was voted as winner for hottest track on 97.9 The Beat! Also, voted as hottest track on DJ Funk Master Flex show for a 4th consecutive time!  

Whats up ya'll,


About a day or two ago, my beat "Cartel" was voted as winner for hottest track on 97.9 The Beat! Also, just earlier today, "Cartel" was also crowned as winner for best track again on DJ Funk Master Flex show, which OFFICIALLY makes it a 4x time consecutive winner for hottest track on his show! -- "Cartel" was also selected by Universal Records / Universal Music Group / Sony Music / Warner Records / Warner Music / Atlantic Records / Epic Records / Def Jam Recordings / Def Jam Island as a…

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Cor is now OFFICIALLY an artist/producer on DJ Funk Master Flex label, "Indie Music Group"! 

Whats goodie y'all,


I just wanted update my fans, friends, and family that as of today, I am now an official artist/producer on IMG (Indie Music Group), which is a management label ran by legendary DJ named, "Funk Master Flex". -- DJ Funk Master Flex has solidified a name for himself in the music business for a few decades now, as well as his presence as DJ on radio station titled, "Hot 97". 

There are some more things underway, just a bit more paperwork for me to fill out and etc to get things on the…

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Whats up everyone,


I want to give you guys the heads up that My new shoe line has previously launched. You can visit my website to purchase them at :


This is the very first product to be produced by myself in regards to my shoe line and also, has already been awarded by the entire staffing of Alive Shoes as a selected choice, as well. Thanks to Luca Botticelli and Alive Shoes!


Thanks for reading,