Cor is now OFFICIALLY an artist/producer on DJ Funk Master Flex label, "Indie Music Group"!

Whats goodie y'all,


I just wanted update my fans, friends, and family that as of today, I am now an official artist/producer on IMG (Indie Music Group), which is a management label ran by legendary DJ named, "Funk Master Flex". -- DJ Funk Master Flex has solidified a name for himself in the music business for a few decades now, as well as his presence as DJ on radio station titled, "Hot 97". 

There are some more things underway, just a bit more paperwork for me to fill out and etc to get things on the ball but everything is written in stone that as of today, I am an official artist with IMG! Some great perks that come along concerning the little things that I could do for myself, as well. -- and that is, on my own time, without having to go through a number of record exec meetings and what not, I now have the manpower and instant access to world-wide platforms such as B.E.T, MTV, and more in promoting my music on they're networks at my leisure. 

So let's say I wanted to drop YOUR single, which would obviously be featuring myself as a producer/beat maker. I can shoot it out to these networks, along with a brief description and some photos -- and in just a matter of time, YOUR track (or mine.. lol) would then have world-wide promotion on these networks, including being featured upon they're twitter pages, instagram profiles, and etc. This was a cool perk in which caught my attention. In return, I just wanted to thank DJ Funk Master Flex and his street team for reaching out to me and making this happen. 


So I say unto the world.. (lol) "Scott Storch, look out!! Make way for a new face!" 


Thanks for reading, 


- Cor