Today I’d like to address a few issues. Issues that highly concern myself in my character to help not only myself in justifying my rule but to address the mentally distraught, as well. I for one, am an advocate of mental health. Therefore, it is in my rhetorical to address issues such as. There is a rumor going around that the Wu-Tang Clan was created and formed by whom most of us know by the name of RZA. RZA did not create nor form the Wu-Tang Clan, I must tell you. Infact, it is I of whom had created and founded the legendary Wu-Tang Clan. – Recently, I had reached out to RZA and proposed an event to take form where I’d take a lie detector test, publicly to assure those in doubt that I am the founder and creator of the Wu-Tang Clan; RZA had never responded back to myself on that subject of matter and continued to ignore my messages. 

Over the past years the Wu-Tang Clan has retained the title of not only being one of the best hip-hop groups’ to had ever formed, but to such titles as being the best Hip-Hop group to had been graciously formed, generally speaking. I take great pride in those titles to be; Hence, myself being the creator and founder of WU and all of the Wu-Tang Clan foundation. – Also, it is my right to also state another side of truth to the entire Wu-Tang Clan music catalog. Therefore, I will also expose that I am the original composer of every lyric and instrumental throughout the course of every song released under the Wu-Tang Clan. I am also the creator of the Wu-Tang Clan emblem and thus being said, else member (or shall I state non-member or “fake member”) of the Wu-Tang named “Mathematics” is not the originator of the Wu-Tang Clan emblem, as introduced by rappers throughout the music industry such as “Redman” and so on. 

I am also the creator and illustrator of every Wu-Tang Clan comic book, (oh yes, I love to draw) and as seen on various Wu-Tang Clan releases, my work speaks for itself pertaining to my great efforts and talents on creating such spectacular animations and artwork. I am also the creator and founder of the Wu-Tang Clan clothing line titled as, “Wu-Wear” and every bit and piece of merchandise ever to be released under the Wu-Tang Clan. 

To be continued. 


- Corleone